Kat and Kevin

I was hesitant to hire a wedding coordinator outside of Chicago for my October 2018 wedding, but my older sister, who has seen Janina work on a wedding a year before mine, highly recommended her. After a few discussions, my husband and I took the chance with hiring a “long distance” day-of -coordinator.


It was one of the best decisions we made! Janina exceeded our expectations!


About 1.5 months before the wedding day, apart from emails, our main communication were through phone calls, that had become weekly. Those calls were very helpful, and as my husband and I would jokingly tell Janina then, were very therapeutic. She is one of the sweetest and warmest people we know. She has thought of every single detail possible; details that my husband and I were sure was why we needed a coordinator, because we were kind of clueless. There will be details that you might want/need for your wedding that most wedding planner books do not include, so ask your wedding planner/coordinator!


On the day of our wedding, her team was exceptional! Janina and her team of 2 thought of the things that we forgot to do, or did not factor in on the day of, and quietly worked on them without adding stress to my husband and I. All day and night, they kept big smiles on their faces, they were laughing with us and giving us (maybe just ME) reassurances on the few times they caught me looking worried or stressed or anxious. My husband and I don’t really know that it is, but, we instantly felt like they were our friends. We only met the 3 of them the day before our wedding! Some of our family and friends still speak highly about them too. They were very professional, trustworthy, and very organized, but still exude optimism, warmth and comfort that I felt relaxed in their presence (as a bride, that was super important!). I highly, highly recommend Fete by Janina to any bride-to-be as their planner and/or coordinator. Not only did they help make the first day of our marriage perfect and beautifully memorable, but we gained a friend in her, Warren and Mares! Kevin and I are forever thankful! You guys have etched your places in our hearts!

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