An Offer You Can’t Refuse

Have you ever felt that you wanted to help, but you just don’t know where or how? I believe that the “spirit of service” is innate in all of us, and that wherever you go, especially when you begin to feel like you’re part of a community, this will constantly fill your heart. But it’s up to you on what you do when the prompting in your heart comes.

I was reminded of this when I decided to joined the Makati Feast Amorsolo Bulletin just last January. I first attended the Makati Feast in October 2013, and it immediately became a weekly nourishment to my soul. It gave hope in my otherwise heavy year of losses and rollercoaster ride of emotions. I lost a close friend who succumbed to a terminal illness, my grandmother due to old age, a relationship with a good man, and probably the hope of ever being with my family again. These events happened in a span of six months, which pretty much summed up my year. Like most of the ones who joined the Feast, my invitation to attend came at the perfect time. I’m already a member of a couple of ministries (a youth organization, a feeding and prison ministry), and the way I see it, the Feast fills up my cup of blessings so I can pour it to these ministries that I love and support.

MF group

My Makati Feast Barkada. From L-R: Margie, Jam, Cess, Xy, myself, Lance and Carlie


More than the comfort that the Feast brings me, it opened my eyes to see a big, beautiful group giving glory to God no matter where they are in life. I know this group inspires thousands of people. I know this because they inspired me. Week after week, I began to feel lighter, more hopeful, until I was finally energized with life again.

If how I feel is any indication of what the Feast can do to a person, then I’m excited to see how it will transform lives in the future. I want to be a part of that, and I felt this desire speak deeply in my heart. A prompting to help a ministry change lives while changing yours is definitely an offer one can’t refuse. I sought how to be a part of the Amorsolo Bulletin because I love writing, documenting and sharing my thoughts, and this was the best place for me to pursue this passion. Little did I know that God will even surprise me with an awesome group of people to work and have fun with. He really has everything figured out!

MF Bulletin

The Makati Feast Amorsolo Bulletin. Clockwise from left: myself, Gigi, Sarah, Kiko, Raymond, Ellaine, Larr and Andi


The spirit of service is innate all of us, we just need to decide what to do when the prompting in our hearts come. Being a part of the Amorsolo Bulletin changed my life in a lot of ways. And oh, can I just mention that dreams # 1 and 2 in my Novena to God’s Love got fulfilled after I decided to serve through the Bulletin?  Indeed, He gives our heart’s desires when we delight ourselves in following Him. 🙂

MF Schedule

The Makati Feast 5th Anniversary Schedule


Note: Reflection written for the Makati Feast Singko (Anniversary) Amorsolo Bulletin

  1. Sooo inspiring janina.. ive always thought of helping out in my own way kaso it just seems so small compared to the many issues the world is facing. I pray that God will work His way thru me so i can serve others as well.s

    • Hi ate Ria! Thanks for such kind words. 🙂 Sabi nga nila diba, any help is a big help. Minsan we just really need to start small. I’ve seen you inspire a lot of people in YAC, so I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to do the same no matter where you are. God bless!! See you again soon!

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