As I Bid 2013 Goodbye…

A few more days before we cap off 2013 – the best time to reminisce on the year that has been. I personally cannot wait for 2013 to end, because looking back, I can say that this year has been a rollercoaster of emotions and surprises for me… and although I feel that it’s not my best year, I will never trade every lesson learned and every escapade I ventured on these past twelve months.

This year, I was able to reconnect with God. Really reconnect with Him. I have learned the true value of worship and I think, more than any time in my life, I now somewhat understand Him more. I trust Him more. And I look forward to keeping and growing this relationship in the coming years.


Bible Study


This year, I got to travel for the first time to several magnificent places in the country. I marveled at their beauty and enjoyed the company of good friends:


Ilocos Norte

Paoay Church

The magnificent Paoay Church


Bangui Windmills




Boracay - Friends

Awesome lunch with my favorite couples, Rj and Patty, Tin and Merck

Boracay Sunset

Famous Boracay Sunset & Boracay Sunset Parties!



Plantation Bay, Cebu

Plantation Bay

Trying out wall climbing and archery

2013-06-23 15.08.19

Cebu Highlights


This year, I went to three countries. These were all rather unplanned (unless you think that 2 weeks before departure is sufficient planning time),  but as they say, the more you travel, the richer you become, and these trips for me were not only nourishing to my soul, they also gave life-changing perspectives that allowed me to dream bigger and aim higher.


Bangkok, Thailand, my high school barkada’s first out of the country trip.

BKK - Grand Palace

The Grand Palace with Tin, Tanya and Rela


BKK - Terminal 21

Exploring Terminal 21’s interesting toilets with Tanya!

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market with Tin and Rayan, Jonas and Tanya


Tokyo, Japan, with two of my closest friends in the youth ministry (Young Ambassadors for Christ)



Exploring Tokyo with Dom and Beng


Differentiating Akasaka from Asakusa (whew!)


Shibuya Crossing




Seoul, Korea, with colleagues and wonderful people we have met from all walks of life.



I Love Korea!



Tastes of Korea


This year, I missed my family more than ever. I can’t say it’s quarter life crisis… Maybe there’s a year-before-thirty-crisis that no one talks about. Anyhow, no words can ever help me explain what this means. It just is.


This year, I was able to handle and spearhead one of my most difficult weddings ever: a 4-day destination wedding of a celebrity. It was a tough 8-month-very-detailed-planning, but it was worth it and I was able to pass it with flying colors (according to my boss and the couple! Yey!)


This year, I was able to determine who my real friends are. I remember an older friend once told me: the more you age, the lesser the true friends you can count. And it’s true. I am thankful that the ones who matter, are staying in my life no matter what.


This year, I lost 3 important people in my life: My lola Mamay, who passed away at 91 last October due to old age. I will always remember the happiness she brings with her dimpled smile and the funny antics she says. Sometimes when I looked at her, I see my mom a few years from now, and myself, many many years from now.



Agapita “Mamay” Tomines Mendez



with Mamay, tita Naet and kuya Pj


I lost Aris, a former officemate, an efficient colleague at events and a cheerful friend, who succumbed to illness last May. I pray he knows how much impact he has had in my life and how much I value our friendship.


And I lost my relationship with a good and decent man, whom I thought will be in my life forever. It was a beautiful relationship, but we had to part because it seems that the distance is not bringing out the best in either of us. The adjustment was more than what we had expected. Still, as I always say, I am thankful—he has kept his image up to this very day. His character and values, everything I love about him is still intact, and no skeletons from his closet jumped out the minute we broke up. This makes me realize that what we had was not just beautiful, it was real and God-sent.


This year, I got back to reading. I have been so busy the past years that it takes me such a long time to finish one book. But this year, I read a total of 11 books! Yay! I have mooooore books on my list and I can’t wait to get on them as soon as I can!


This year, I lost weight… and gained it again after everyone noticed it. Haha! But hey, it means there’s hope right? It means I actually can lose weight. I just need to learn how to keep the weight off after losing it. Note to self: do not binge. Do not binge. Do not binge. Do not…. what? Haha.


This year, I started to really like playing golf. I’m not saying this because it’s my job, but it’s actually become more and more interesting to me. Though I still suck at it, I hope it’ll learn love me as much as I have learned to love it.




This year, I started attending the Makati Feast by Bo Sanchez. I was invited by my friend Joyce, and one night actually resulted to newfound friendships I deeply cherish now, and possibly, another endeavor as I am joining the Makati Feast Media Ministry next year!


Novena to God’s Love, as given at the Makati Feast


This year, I migrated my blog to this site. 🙂 I was thrown off course, and as I tried to re-construct my life, I also tried to stir up my love for writing (again). Since I’m not getting any younger, I chose to just make use of my name and not put anything else.  I think I was able to do both just fine, but now I need to boost my confidence in order to make this blogging thing work. Haha.

As I reconstructed my blog, I reconstructed my heart. 🙂


This has been one tough year for me. But I’m still grateful for everything that has happened. I know that God wouldn’t have it any other way. In summary, I think in 2013, I lost and found myself again. So armed with this lesson and experience, I look forward to the adventures 2014 has for me!

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