Den Den Cafe Asiana, Providence Rhode Island

The weekend between Labor Day and my birthday, Warren and I, together with Joana and Kevin, Wendell and Evette and our baby Harvey, went on a quick roadtrip to Rhode Island. It was a really good break for all of us, and probably the last trip I’m going to take before I give birth. Needless to say, one weekend isn’t enough!

We got hungry as we were going back to our hotel in Providence that Saturday evening and decided to just look for a good restaurant before we hit the sack. Checking Yelp (as we always do) led us to a small Cafe– Den Den Cafe Asiana in Providence, near the ivy league school Brown.

As it was baby Harvey’s first out of town vacation (apart from our visits to our in-laws’ home in New Jersey) and I learned that there’s so much to consider when traveling with a baby. We were really looking for a family-friendly place, and we were pleasantly surprised that even if this cafe has a hipster vibe and filled with young customers, it was still child-friendly. Their customer service is on point, which we truly appreciated. We waited a good 15 minutes and got to a table where a high-chair already placed on the edge. We’re so used to small spaces in New York restaurants and we were fine with our original seats, but as soon as the couple beside us left, they offered us that other table so we can have more room, especially for the baby and the hungry pregnant lady!

When our drinks came, they actually gave a covered plastic cup with a straw for Harvey! Our little man, being that it’s his first time to drink using a straw– really enjoyed it and felt like an adult! 🙂 It was great!

Ordering a mix of Japanese and Korean Cuisines, each dish did not disappoint. We loved everything! Best of all, it wasn’t pricey at all.


Note: Not in photo but equally good are their Den Den Monkey Balls (Deep Fried Mushrooms stuffed with Spicy Tuna and Special Sauce!


What was just a “quick dinner” before we call it a day became one of the places we’ll definitely come back to when we visit Rhode Island again. Next time both with Harvey and our little Pnut!


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