The First & Last Anniversary

It just hit me—today, April 12, 2015, is the first and last day Warren and I will get to celebrate our Anniversary as boyfriend and girlfriend. Next year will be a different day, a different story. So I want to really cherish and honor this day with a blog post about “the day we joyfully commit to true love for the rest of our lives”,  our upcoming wedding. *kilig*

Two months into the wedding planning, and it already had been so crazy for me and Warren. Wow. Now I really feel the great need to hire wedding planners (like me!). I’ve planned weddings as fast as 3 months, and I’ve always known what I wanted– I thought it’s an advantage already. But it’s been a bit of a struggle not knowing any supplier/vendor here in the US. I don’t know the quality of service. It’s an even bigger struggle to see the prices! Sometimes I just want to elope!  Thankfully, I feel that all our decisions are guided by prayer, much so, that the place I had in mind back in December opened up on the date of our choice…. And the CHURCH that accommodated us, with a Filipino priest is just 10 minutes from that venue! Imagine that! Thank you, Lord for making things easy!

Day after day, I’ve been researching, calling, emailing vendors, and shuffling through our budget and wedding inspiration to get everything balanced. I’m thankful to have a hands-on groom, eager to tell me his thoughts, and didn’t complain when I dragged him overnight out of town to finish initial meetings and secure contracts.

I guess everything got real when I got the final invitations. I felt goosebumps opening the heavy package I got—containing the hard work of Alexis of Inkscribbler, who did the pretty layout and patiently adjusted everything I asked, and Mark & Kat Tamayao of Blissful by MarKat, who labored all my requests in such a short notice, and did them beautifully, as well as the wax seals we got from The Write Impression. I love and admire their work, precisely why they’re the top of mind when it comes to Stationary for special events. Alexis Ventura is THE Inkscribbler, very known in the industry yet after all these years she has remained humble and kind and generous. Mark and Kat are two of the most accommodating and creative people I know. Their business sprung from their own wedding, and I’d like to call them my DIY masters. Haha! They really go out of their way to make sure that their products reflect the personality of their clients



The cards that made me cry. Beautifully made with love by Inkscribbler & Blissful by MarKat.

So going back… goosebumps on the package, tears upon touching and reading what’s inside, and a sense of calm when I realized: This is really it. In a few months, I will marry my God’s best—and that means the world to me. I think this is what couples need to remind themselves of, especially when the wedding plans get overwhelming.

At the end of it all, it’s the two of us. And that is all I need to make up the wedding of my dreams. 🙂

  1. Good afternoon, Ms. Janina Paula. This is Gianna from Wagas of GMA News TV. We are currently looking for interesting love stories to be featured in an onscreen show. I’ve read about you and your boyfriend’s story about the viral post of Humans of New York and your journey as a couple. If you’re willing to share your story and inspire others, please feel free to reply to this message or you could contact me through my email-

    Thank you and God Bless! 🙂

    • Hi Gianna, thanks so much for finding our story worthy enough to be featured in your show. I sent you an email. God bless you!

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