Make Your Weekend Worthwhile

How do you spend your weekends?

I got to contemplate on this on a lazy Saturday afternoon. For the first time in a long time, I had nowhere to go. There are no reports to rush, no wedding to attend to (I coordinate weddings, part time), no ministry meeting. I was enjoying the peace and quiet when I remembered this group of energetic people, who all have full-time jobs like me, devoting their weekends to spend time with the less fortunate kids.


Sometimes, when all you can offer is TIME… you’ll be surprised to see these grateful smiles and hugs.


Last March (yes, this is a really really late post), my friends Margie and Carlie celebrated their birthday with the kids of Delpan, a place near the pier in Manila, at the Parola Playground. I got to attend this party which was not only super fun, but also very organized, thanks to the U-Happy Events.


Kuya Harvey

The very hands on Kuya Harvard Uy de Baron, founder of U-Happy Events


U-Happy Events is a non-profit organization that helps link the benefactors to beneficiaries. They have regular weekly events with their partners – different locations and charity groups for which they prepare fun activities for kids– where you can participate in as an individual or walk-in. But they can also customize a charity event for you. In our case, it was Marge who coordinated with them while they made a package that fit her schedule and budget!

So that weekend, we drove to the Parola Playground in Manila and met with Kuya Harvard, founder of U-Happy Events and his team, along with twenty or so kids from the different barangays of Delpan. Music was our theme and we spent the morning getting to know and interacting with the kids, playing games, and learning how to beatbox. There was a professional teacher who brought and lent us twelve beatboxes! Even we kids at heart (volunteers) got to try it out! We also had prizes and giveaways for the kids, and joined them for lunch. A great bonus is that Margie and Carlie’s package also included a donation of 1 beatbox to be left in the barangay hall for the kids to use!


UHappy Events

Fun-filled morning with the kids!


The smiles on their faces… they’re just priceless. Some would hug me and hold my hand the entire time, while others just take a little more time to warm up. But I guess after a lot of talking and hearing them out, they realize you’re someone they can trust. I had a mini heartache when a Girlie, one of the little girls in my group asked me three times if we will be back the following week, and I had to be honest in saying no. I assured her though, that there will be a next time.



Sage and Cess with our Groupmates




What I loved most about this is the fact that it’s so organized: from our IDs to the activities, food and prizes. U-Happy Events took care of everything for us. It’s amazing to find these young people who do this, not just on special occasions, but every single weekend. And it’s not just the joy that they bring to kids from different parts of the Philippines, it’s also what they provide to the people like me, who loves to help or has the heart help, but do not have an idea how.

For more information, visit them at, and follow them on Facebook or Instagram for their schedule. As for me and my friends, we will definitely, definitely do this again.


UHappy Events

My MF (Makati Feast Barkada), celebrating two things: the birthdays of Margie and Carlie (both in the middle, seated), and our fun morning with U-Happy Events and Delpan kids.








  1. This is heartwarming!

    UHappyEvents did a great job in bridging the gap between those who needs help and those who have the heart to help.

    Thanks for sharing this sweets! I truly believe that God will continue to bless those that are sharing their blessings.

    I love you always!

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