Montauk Daytrip

It was a perfect picnic day to celebrate my dad’s and Warren’s birthday. 🙂 The weather was beautiful, we were all up and ready so early, there was surprisingly no traffic, and the plan was really just to take our time and enjoy the day. Just a 3-hour drive from LIC, our destination: the Montauk Lighthouse.

 Being surrounded by all the tall buildings and congested streets of New York, I think it is essential to get away once in a while, even for a day. I remember back in Manila when I’d just drive up to Tagatay, Antipolo or Taytay, Rizal (all of which are just an hour to 2 hours from Manila) once in a while to have a change of ambiance and push the reset button. It helps. It helps a lot.

This is the first family trip I took since I found myself a husband (LOL!) and it’s so much fun! I loooove roadtrips– driving around and sight seeing is half the fun of a getaway! It was such a treat to pass by the setting of 2 of my favorite series, Revenge and Gossip Girl! I immediately fell in love with the Hamptons—quaint shops, cool-and-sunny weather, the beautiful houses, everything!



I fell in love with the beautiful Hamptons. I want to live here! (If only I can afford it LOL!)

Passed by this super cute bed and breakfast we plan to stay in on our next trip! 🙂


We stopped by the South Hampton Golf range to hit a few balls—I miss playing golf! I am no pro—far from it—but it’s probably the only sport that I actually took seriously. I’m not the only one happy about it!  Warren and Papa had the time of their lives in the 2 buckets we got!


A few more stops and we finally got to the Montauk Lighthouse—it’s at the East End of Long Island, New York.  The view is breathtaking, the history is rich, and we took a hike going to the beach after finding our perfect picnic spot. Too bad we weren’t able to reach the top of the Light House since the line was too long. No biggie, I’m afraid of heights anyway, but I can just imagine how spectacular the view is from up there. Being close to the water, wind blowing on our faces got me in a reflective mood. Corny as it may sound, whenever I get to a someplace far, back home or abroad, I take a moment to say a short prayer of thanks and praise God for letting me see and experience His marvelous creation. My prayer this time was a little longer—as it includes finally being surrounded by family.

Joana and Kevin having the mandatory tourist photo at the Montauk Lighthouse




On the way home we made a couple more stops: The Farm Fresh Marketplace, where we got to buy (I am not exaggerating) the sweetest corn I have ever tasted and some fruits. I love it! We also passed by an Arts and Crafts Fair along the highway where Warren and I got to buy some décor for our newly-painted living room.

So many nice things here! We bought candle holders (not in picture) with our initials. It’s shipping out to us this week!


All of these in a span of 16 hours. Whew. Tiring but worth it. I know Montauk still has so much to offer and is more worthy of a full weekend trip (boat tours, state parks, horseback riding) but for now, this will do.

During this trip, Warren and I agreed to have a quick getaway at least once a month. It doesn’t have to be far, doesn’t have to be expensive. Thankfully, we have the same view when it comes to pressing the reset button. 🙂 Til our next adventure!

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