My Love Letter this Christmas

Dear Jesus,

I am writing to greet you a Happy Happy Birthday! I can imagine the angels and everyone in heaven in a grand feast, celebrating your birth! The enchanting Christmas lights, presents, and great food I have seen here here won’t measure up to the party there!

New York City lights from Long Island City

Christmas Dinner– Boodle style!


As I sit here to spend some quiet time reflecting on Your day, I realized again how awesome You are! 2014 has been such a great year for me, and I finally saw for myself what You meant when You said that You’ll give me back whatever was taken. The joy that I have now, the renewed passion for chasing my dreams, the hope and love that I receive, are ten-fold (or maybe even a hundred-fold!) of what I have expected.  Celebrating Christmas in New York has been a long time dream, and spending it with loved ones is such a great bonus. I can never thank you enough for these blessings.


With Warren by the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center, New York

With Warren by the Christmas Tree at the Rockefeller Center, New York


I hope I can make You feel how much I love You in the small things that I do. Spending time to get to know You more. Sharing blessings whenever I can, especially to those who need it most. Forgiving (truly forgiving in my heart), those who have hurt me, and being kind to everyone, even to the ones I don’t like. :p I know these are nothing compared to what You have given me, but I sure hope it’s a start.

Thank you because even though I’m a work in progress, You never made me feel less of what I am—You actually make me feel just the opposite! You make me feel so worthy of Your love! I hope that wherever I go, I can make others feel the way you make me feel—so everyone can experience just how much they mean to You.

I love You, Jesus! I hope You enjoy Your special day. We’re beyond blessed because You came into our lives, and this is what this day is all about!

Much love,


  1. i am happy for all the things God gave you.. You deserve it most.. you’ve been the most kind hearted person. Iam always one of your FANS.

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