Pregnancy Diaries: My Baby’s Must-Haves!

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Warren and I were finally able to attend our much-awaited Birthing Class! For one whole afternoon, we immersed ourselves in every inch of information we can absorb from the program. What’s good about it is, while it’s called a “Childbirth Preparation Class”, it didn’t focus on the childbirth alone. It also gave tips on how we can support each other as new parents. I feel that it armed us on what’s to come anticipating labor, during labor and delivery, as well as what comes after. So exciting! class

At the hospital waiting for our birthing class to start


They say that for the first few weeks, our life will revolve around our baby’s daily activities—Eat-Poop-Sleep (which may not be in that particular order, lol!). So with this in mind, I have compiled our baby girl’s must-have list!

For Sleeping

Swaddles, Receiving Blankets, Bodysuits and Socks


I was often told that babies practically live in their onesies and jammies, and I agree. Especially since I’m giving birth during the fall, when it’s starting to get cold. I would like to keep our little Pnut as comfortable as she can throughout winter, until such time when we can go to parks during springtime and summer!


For Pooping (Diapering Essentials)

Baby Wipes, Diaper Creams and Diaper Genie


While wipes and diaper rash creams are no-brainer staples for diapering, I never really gave Diaper Genies any thought until my sister-in-law Evette told me that it’s a must. When you’re changing about 6 wet diapers per day, and another 3-4 diapers with poop, the Diaper Genie can just be a lifesaver! I realized this was true, especially since our little Pnut’s nook is actually inside the master’s bedroom. It’ll be horror if it’s already hard to sleep and there’s that funky smell lurking all over the room. Ugh.


For Feeding

Playtex Baby™ VentAire®


I’ve always had concerns about crying babies. How do I understand/decode her needs? What should I do when she’s fussy and can’t stop crying?? It’s good that the more I research, the more I find out that there’s help out there—even feeding bottles can help moms like me! Playtex VentAire has a technology called anti-colic bottom vent that prevents fussiness for babies. This means that as baby drinks milk, there’s no air that gets into baby’s tummy. And we know that when baby’s tummy is good = no tears = happy mommy!

When I learned about all of these, I didn’t bother putting it on my registry, so I can go to Target and get the exact bottles I want for baby Maiella. We’re so blessed to have found a home close to Target, and they have long hours (they close at 11pm), so we can still go grocery shopping or last minute errands even after we get home from work. And I love quiet, hassle-free shopping late at night. It’s our ultimate go-to store, and they have great selection for babies! Majority of the gifts we received came from our Target Registry List.


IMG_8345 IMG_8340


The bottles are also angled to make feeding easier. Best of all, since I am planning to breastfeed, it’s easier to switch from my own breast to the bottle since its nipples mimics a mom’s breast.

To learn more on how you can make #BetterBeginnings with your baby, click here, and more on Playtex Baby Bottles at Target here. Oh, and Bonus!! Here’s an awesome Cartwheel deal of 10% discount on Playtex Bottles and Cups, good until September 3rd, just for you!

Can’t wait for our baby Maiella Grace to use all of these! How about you, what are your baby’s must-haves? I would love to hear from you, share/comment below!












  1. Hi janina! One of the gifts I really loved was a wipe warmer. You don’t want a cold wipe to clean your baby’s bum during fall and winter, but I just leave it on the whole year. I’m using a plain babies r us wipe warmer, and it’s great! no crying at diaper changes. Sometimes babies cry out when the wipes are cold.

    • I forgot to say Congratulations! ❤️ Enjoy your sleep while you can. It’s going to be so exciting for you and your family! Hello to waway! God bless your little one who’s going to give you so much joy! ❤️

    • Thank you, Thea! 🙂 I’ll look into it! <3 Yes one of the things I'm most concerned about is the weather, so I think this'll be a great help! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I’m so glad your class was helpful. I had a good experience and learned a lot from mine too back in the day. It’s so important to be as prepared as you can. 🙂 {client}

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