San Francisco Brunch: Le Garage & Brenda’s Soul Food

San Francisco seems a lot like New York, especially when it comes to food—to me, at least. It’s diverse and has sooooo much to offer. It can be quite expensive too. Since we landed, Jo, Kevin and I have constantly been on Yelp to check out great food around where we are. Yes, I wish we researched more and earlier. But we in everything we tried, we were never disappointed.  🙂

Sharing with you now two modern French restaurants we tried during our stay: Brenda’s French Soul Food  (downtown San Francisco) and Le Garage (Sausalito).


652 Polk St., San Francisco, CA

Four Stars & Two Dollar Signs in Yelp

The morning right before we headed to Napa Valley, we found a popular French brunch place a few blocks from our hotel, Brenda’s French Soul Food.

All the reviews we read were raving about their beignets– the popular New Orleans breakfast with powdered sugar on top. Naturally, we got the sampler, so we can try everything!


Beignet Flight. Plain, Chocolate, Apple, and Crawfish.

We were particularly intrigued by the Crawfish Beignet. I’ve always imagined beignets to be sweet, so…. crawfish??? But it turns out, it was the BEST in the flight. We went for seconds, and another order to go so we can have them on the road!


Breakfast Traditions. Can’t live without the good ol’ pancakes.


Shrimp and Grits


Pork Belly!!!!!

The place was packed for brunch! This is really worth a stop when you’re in downtown San Francisco.




85 Liberty Ship Way #109 Sausalito, CA

Four Stars & Two Dollar Signs on Yelp

During city tour, we spent some time at the vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge (we went to both sides, San Francisco side and Sausalito side) and got really hungry. We drove close to the water where we found a converted auto-shop/garage serving classing French dishes. Garage


It was cool and windy, with the “garage doors” pulled up.  It’s really cute.  Our French server walked us through the menu, and gave his recommendations. Smiled and gave in to all our requests. Those are plus-plus points in my book! The food was oh so yummy too! Never thought of eating all seafood (except for fries) for brunch, but this worked!


Food Coma. Seafood Brunch by the water. Salmon, Soft Shell Crabs and Mussels Provencale.

It’s true that the best food is usually served in the most relaxed atmosphere. 🙂 Le Garage offers great bistro-style French cuisine in an industrial area but with a chic and modern flair. Plus, it’s in my favorite area of San Francisco, Sausalito! I really have a feeling I’ll be back here…soon.



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