The Power of Sharing

How generous are you?

Sometimes GIVING isn’t just about the tangible things in life. I think it’s a weird belief that you can give more once you have more – because the truth is, if you don’t learn how to give with the little that you have now, you will never be able to have anything more than that!  What I really believe is that the more you give or share (whether it’s money, things or talent), the more that it multiplies back to you. 🙂

I am such a proud and stage-ate to my cousin who, at a young age of 24 has begun a big, moving project of sharing… and it all started when she looked inside her heart and found that even as she thinks she has “nothing”, her will and heart is already more than enough to give something to the world.


Jam Pangilinan is the official photographer of Joseph Feeding Mission (, a group that organizes feeding projects in different parts of the Philippines to feed the hungry. They go as far as Visayas and Mindanao, and to be able to sustain these programs in the far provinces, they tie up with different churches who continue the program under the supervision and support of JFM. I personally support them and have gone to a couple of feedings myself.

Being exposed in different difficult conditions strengthened Jam’s desire to help out more. As the JFM’s reach became bigger, so did the expenses. So more than the camera in her hand, Jam wanted to be able to help fund the project she really believes in. She realized, maybe she doesn’t have a lot of money, but she is absolutely rich with FRIENDS. Young, dynamic, talented and generous friends who, like Jam, can share their time and talent for a cause. This is where the SHARE MOVEMENT started.

Share Movement Logo with website

Share Movement is a series of workshops for a cause. She challenged her friends to speak and share their talents, and organize workshops, proceeds of which will go directly to the JFM operations. See below the details of Share Movement:

Passion is at the heart of human existence.

If you’re passionate about something and you want to fuel that passion by learning, sharing, and helping – join The Share Movement. 

We are a community of dreamers ready to offer opportunities where you can do them all, through workshops that will push your creativity to the limits. 

Join us as we take part in a grand experience full of open doors to extend love to those who need them the most, teaching you essential skills in the process.


SHARE – If you’re a person eager to share things you’re passionate about and willing do it for a cause, you can collaborate with us and organize a workshop.

LEARN – If you’re a person eager to learn and gain knowledge that will continue to fuel your passion, you can join us at any of our workshops.

HELP – It is also an opportunity for you to share for a cause. A cause that will spread love and hope for those who are lacking by simply collaborating with us or attending our workshops.

Share our movement. Join us in a wonderful experience as we Share, Learn, and Help one workshop at a time.

 IMG_7061JP3 IMG_7068JP3JP3 IMG_7001JP3 IMG_7139JP3

Last September 21st was the first ever workshop of Share Movement. Entitled Urban Soul: Street and Documentary Photography Workshop, they got Larry Monserate Piojo as their main speaker. They even gave handouts for review and actual shooting experience within that 10-hour span. Normally they should have been done at 5:00pm but the fun and sharing did not stop until they realized it was 7:00pm already!

IMG_7155 IMG_7115JP3 IMG_7019JP3 IMG_7382JP3

Here are some of the encouraging feedback they got from the participants:

–          “ I am deeply touched! Thanks to the organizer for the wonderful program :)”

–           “Well- prepared, very detailed, very organized, informative  straight from the heart, engaging, easy to follow, really fun!”

–           “One of the best workshops I have attended.”

There’s another one coming in November, and maybe a couple more before the year ends? 🙂  So who said you don’t have anything to give to change the world? If you’re not too confident about your talent, go out and maybe you can learn a thing or two in one of the workshops. Imagine, that something you do for yourself, can also something you do for the hundreds of people being fed by Joseph Feeding Mission.

See Jam’s works at, and more details of the Share Movement at

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