Finding Love in February

Photo 4
February—I guess it’s really called the “love month” for a reason.  There’s still the cold breeze from the Christmas season and 2014 still feels new—hope still filled our minds and hearts for what this year brings. There’s Valentine’s Day for lovers, while the rest of us find love in families, friendships and activities we are passionate about.

Photo 5

Flat Iron Building, New York


Late last month, I took a trip of a lifetime. I knew it was going to be life-changing, but little did I know that God has a bigger surprise for me. It happened so quickly that I had to hold myself together as I try to discern what it is and how it will alter my life forever. But I think I finally learned what it means when others said “When you find it, you’ll just know”.

So before the love month ends, and before the summer season starts, I pray that you got to maximize your February by spending time with your loved ones, or doing something for yourself, or pursuing your dreams or whatever it is that makes you happy.

Me, Joana, Kevin and Warren at the Long Island City


I think this is the perfect time to follow your heart where it leads you. <3

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