The True Wealth that Matters

Last Wednesday was the final instalment of the “Increase” Talk Series that focused on: WISDOM – Receive the Gift of Balance.

Whenever I hear the word wisdom, I remember King Solomon, who could have had all the riches, fortune, beauty and fame when God asked him to request for anything that he wants. Instead, King Solomon asked God for wisdom to lead his people. I think it was that gift that made him the wealthiest of all: with wisdom, he was able to obtain everything else – riches and fortune, beauty and fame. If we have the kind of knowledge and understanding that the king had, not only will our lives have balance, but we will also have true wealth.

Bro. Jan Silan enumerated 8 Kinds of Wealth that we need to look for and pursue. While these are not the things that we normally save up for, these are the things we need to invest in, nourish and protect.

  • Faith – This makes us rich, because it is only through faith that we become rich in spirit, and it’s only through faith that we can truly have a relationship with the Lord.
  • Fire – Passion, enthusiasm, excitement for what life has to offer. We need to keep this alive in order to find what makes us happy.
  • Family – They say we can’t choose our family, but they’re a gift given to us to love, cherish and care for. Friends come and go, but the family stays no matter what.
  • Friends – It was beautifully said during the talk: God wants to be rich in friendships… not with the most available but with the most abundant ones; the ones that will help us experience God’s love in every aspect of our lives.
  • Fitness – God wants us to be rich in our health. Losing weight is not always synonymous to being healthy. It already sounds cliché with so many fitness enthusiasts nowadays, but I’ll say it again: Fitness isn’t a fad, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Faculties – When you’re rich in your body, it’s also important to be rich in your mind. Mentors are everywhere! Whether it’s for work, school, our passion, hobbies, finances, or for major life-changing decisions, it’s important to never stop learning and seeking counsel from people whose lives we respect and admire.
  • Fun – God wants us to be rich in our play. We spend most of our waking hours in our work or in school, and it’s not only important to see its value in our lives, but to actually be joyful, proud and excited to be carrying out our tasks.
  • Finances – Money is not the be-all and end-all of our lives, but it definitely affects other aspects. I love how the Novena to God’s Love declares “because I am blessed, I am blessing the world.”

These 8 F’s of wealth truly goes to show that we can achieve stability and contentment in our lives. We just need to do a quick check and balance once in a while to make sure we’re on track. In the end, it’s not the amount that you earn or how high you have reached that matters—it’s the true wealth that’s already available for us. We just need to remember what they are, nurture them and protect them. 🙂

Note: This is a recap of the last talk “Increase” in Makati Feast Amorsolo last Feb.26, 2014, written for the Makati Feast Amorsolo Bulletin

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